June 28, 2010

silly mouse

Posted in mousie at 4:51 pm by Anonymouse

Once upon a time, there was a single mouse who lived in a teeny tiny apartment all by herself.

Because she lived all by herself, she didn’t have to do things like put her clothes in the closet when she took them off.

Instead, she laid them nicely on her bed.

After a rough morning of trying to choose the right outfit, the bed was often littered with lots of clothing items laying nicely.

This wasn’t so much a problem when it was morning time, but then the mouse came home from a long day of work and changed into pajama pants and a tank top and was too tired to hang her clothes up, so she would lay the day’s outfit nicely on the pile on the bed.

This wasn’t so much a problem except when it came time for the mouse to go to bed.

And the bed was covered in nice clothes, nicely laid out.

Lucky for the mouse, she preferred sleeping on the sofa to putting away her  clothes.

This wasn’t so much a problem until the mouse spilled a glass of water on the sofa, effectively wetting her bed for the night.

So the mouse grabbed her favorite comforter and slept on the floor until morning…

…when she woke up to remember she had another sofa in her apartment.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    That is so totally awesome I cannot even explain it.

    Have you met Matt? You and Matt would get alone splendidly. Actually, Matt would have pushed all his clothes to the floor and slept on the bed.

  2. circaeightyeight said,

    that’s my favorite story from your single mouse days. =)

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