July 8, 2010


Posted in mousie at 8:29 am by Anonymouse

So, our house was broken into when we were out of town.

For Christmas.

Christmas 2008.

Yes, it’s been more than 18 months.

I think it’s finally resolved though.

Mr. Mouse and I were subpoena-ed to appear at the trial on 7/12.  We also had a meeting yesterday afternoon with the attorney.

I’ve been pretty cranky about doing my civil duty.  I mean it happened so long ago, we had nothing to gain from any of it, and I had to take advantage of my friend for babysitting purposes.  (My friend who has yet to take advantage of me for babysitting purposes.)

The whole thing happened in 12/08.  In 9/09, we got the call that they finally had run the dna they found at our house and had a match.

As it turns out, in those 9 months, this guy had found himself in prison on murder charges.

That’s just the kind of person you want to imagine in your house.

Good news, it’s easy to track someone down when they are already in prison.

There was a prelim hearing that Mr. Mouse had to attend about a month ago.  I was happy to sit that one out.

Yesterday was another hearing.  We didn’t have to attend.

But we did get a phone call that he plead guilty, thus the trial and our mandatory attendance were not necessary.

And I was very happy to finally have it all over with.

I’d be even happier if I could find pillowcases that match my sheets to replace the ones that were stolen.



  1. Kelly said,

    Scary. We had a break in once while we were home. It wasn’t a real break in, because the lady didn’t try to steal anything. She was drunk and somehow stumbled into our home…it was very weird, and we felt so violated.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    He used the pillowcases as bags, I’m assuming?

    I bet it is nice to have it over with.

  3. Eek. What a creepy, awful thing to happen.

    It sounds like he will be away for a very, very long time.

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