July 15, 2010

take me out to the ball game

Posted in mousie at 6:08 pm by Anonymouse

We are going to a baseball game on Saturday with our life group.  It is a night game, but we are going late in the afternoon to tailgate before the game.  It should be a good time.

Especially because Baby Swiss will be staying home with my parents – who will be in town visiting.

It’s not that we don’t have fun with her – we definitely do, but I don’t think she’d love a baseball game just yet and she goes to bed early.

Before we knew my parents were coming for a visit this weekend, we were going to get a babysitter.  We have a good pool of babysitters that we love.  However, do you know how much a babysitter would cost for a whole afternoon AND evening?

I can’t even think about it.

I will just say that I definitely wouldn’t have any money left over for cotton candy at the game if I was paying a babysitter for 8ish hours.

And cotton candy is a must.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    It sounds like fun! I had a chance to take Elizabeth to a game recently but there was no way I was going to do that. A night game that starts at bedtime? I don’t think so.

  2. Jamie said,

    I would love for you to share who’s in your pool of babysitters….

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