July 18, 2010

guest blogger: edition who can keep track

Posted in mousie at 1:26 pm by Anonymouse

I convinced my Mama to let me blog.  I just know that you all have been wondering what I’ve been up to.  My life is very interesting what with all of the eating of Os, fake sneezing and helpering.

A few weeks ago, my friends came for a visit.  My mama didn’t take very many pictures.  She’s fired.

I had fun with my friends.  I didn’t like sharing my toys, but my friends didn’t really like sharing my toys either, so it was all okay.  I wonder if they will come to visit me again sometime soon.

This week I went to VBS at church.  They think I’m a baby, so I don’t get to play with the big kids.  I kind of like being the boss of my class though, so it’s okay.  Maybe next year I’ll get to go to a class where we make crafts and maybe next year I’ll be big enough for my mama to buy me a VBS t-shirt to wear as a dress.  Shirt dresses are in, right?

My dad took me to the store to buy me some trucks to play with.  I love playing with my trucks.  They go fast and have horns that go “beep beep,” just like my nose.  Daddy is my favorite.  That’s why I pick him to change my diapers and put me to bed when he’s home.  My mama says that maybe it isn’t so bad to not be the favorite.  I wouldn’t know what it’s like to not be the favorite.  Everyone loves me.

I’ve been talking on the phone a lot.  But just for pretend.  I don’t like to talk on the real phone.  I just like to smile all goofy and then save all of my chatting for my phone.  My mama says my phone doesn’t have service.  Whatever that means.

Well, my mama is going to wake up from her nap soon, so I better wrap this up with a big shiny bow.  I do love bows.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I have been wondering what you have been up to. You are a very good blogger.

    Don’t fire your Mama. We FORGIVE Mamas that forget to take pictures. Otherwise the Mama here would be in trouble too.

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