July 22, 2010

what? there is no b-team?

Posted in mousie at 1:03 pm by Anonymouse

I woke up sick Sunday morning.  I attributed it to allergies with maybe a little dehydration thrown in there after being outside at the ballpark for a lot of hours in the hot sun on Saturday.  As it has lingered this week, I’ve wondered if it wasn’t maybe a summer cold or possibly even a touch of the flu.

It doesn’t really matter what it is that has been ailing me, what matters is that you feel the appropriate amount of sympathy for me.

Here’s what they don’t tell you though.

There are no sick days when you’re a mom.

I mean this kid still expects to be fed, bathed (sort of), clothed, changed, read to and played with.

How dare she?

There are only so many minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba that a child can watch before they decide they need something from their sick mama.

Don’t judge.  I’m sick.  And some of those songs are kind of catchy.

Again, don’t judge.  And, don’t bite your friends.

Mr. Mouse has been feeling it too.  He does get sick days, but why would he take one if that meant he was home with us?  He knows I would sponge off of him and make him take care of me and the kid.

He’s better off at work where he can eat his lunch in peace and not have to constantly acknowledge and repeat everything a toddler says just to get her to stop saying it over and over.

Not that the above scenario isn’t both relaxing and therapeutic.

So, I’ve spent my days this week watching adults in monster-ish costumes dance around to songs about not biting friends, praying my child behaves so that I don’t have to exert the energy it takes to follow through on consequence threats and working really hard to keep my eyelids open.

You = jealous of my life.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Oh, it SUCKS to be sick and not have anyone to take care of YOU. I feel sympathy for you. And empathy.

    Not only are there no sick days, there aren’t even any WEEKENDS.

  2. j said,

    After several years of being at home and not having any help when I was sick and having 3 little ones, I asked for 2 sick days for Mother’s Day. K had 6 WEEKS of sick time accumulated. I just asked for 2 DAYS -a-year. He was pretty sure that was a sweet deal for him. He just asked that I scheduled them in advance. So I do. 2 times a year I say on Monday “K on Friday I’m going to be sick, does that work for you”. He takes the day off (and I leave the house at 10 am and don’t come back till 5).

    There have been times that he has HAD to take off because I’ve really been sick, but he realizes that my mental health is just as important as eating his lunch in peace.

  3. Kelly said,

    If you have the flu, “There’s No Party in Your Tummy”…. 😦 Hope you feel better soon…

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