July 25, 2010

my blind side

Posted in mousie at 9:19 pm by Anonymouse

Mr. Mouse and I finally joined the ranks of the rest of the world yesterday and watched The Blind Side.

I liked it.

But I also didn’t like it.

It made me squirm.

I don’t squirm much in my day to day life.

I subconsciously choose to ignore the fact that children in my country, in my state, in my city grow up with mother’s who don’t remember who their daddy is.  Who grow up without a bed to sleep in.  Who grow up without once having someone read them a book.

Not ignoring those facts makes me squirm.

It makes me uncomfortable.

It makes me want to build 12 sets of bunk-beds and set them up in my basement.  It makes me want to read children’s books to kids who don’t get proper hugs.  It makes me want to give proper hugs to kids who don’t get children’s books read to them.

It makes me want to hug my mama.

It makes me want to change the world.

And that makes me squirm.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I am with you on wanting to build bunk-beds. Maybe we should both look into the Big Brother/Sister program or something like that.

  2. Kelly said,

    I felt the same way. I read the biography that the movie was based off of before seeing the movie, and I just was amazed, again, at the foster care system in our country. If I had the room we’d have about 10 more kids…

  3. Tiffany said,

    Paul and I often make the comment that it is so unfair that it seems to be all or nothing with kids. Our kids have support and experiences and love coming out their ears while so many kids have nothing. Every sunday when we see the picture of the kid on the front of the Local section of the paper waiting for a forever family we think about calling. Those of us who think we are overwhelmed with our daily busyness still have so much to give if we put it in perspective.

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