July 26, 2010

where is my burt’s bees?

Posted in mousie at 8:29 pm by Anonymouse

My lips are chapped.

That’s the most interesting thing I have to say tonight.

You = glued to your computer screen.

Mr. Mouse and I have decided on a staycation.  He’s going to take a week off work in September and we’re going to do all of the fun things our city has to offer that we always think about doing and never do.  And in the process, spend less money than we would if we actually went away on vacation.

And that’s the news around here today.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I am delighted to get these breaking updates.

  2. Kelly said,

    Sometimes a staycation, is even better then a vacation….my oldest is so addicted to Burt’s Bees she has about 6 tubes in rotation at all times. I’m constantly finding them everywhere.

  3. circaeightyeight said,

    just so you know caribou coffee now has chapstick a lot like burts bees…it’s my new fave!

  4. j said,

    I have one Vanilla Lemongrass Spa lip balm taped to my computer monitor (so I don’t loose it) that is up for sale. If you are interested. Better than Burt’s Bees.

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