July 29, 2010

she’s not a baby anymore: chick-fil-a edition

Posted in mousie at 9:00 pm by Anonymouse

Today, we met some friends at Chick-fil-A for a little play time, a little nugget eating and a little ice cream loving.

As expected, Baby Swiss did a little paperwork in the play area.

I know.  It’s not like it’s the first time.  Or the  second.

What can I say?  She’s comfortable there.

Anyway, the point is that today was a big day for us at Chick-fil-A.

Today was the first day that I sent her into the play area without going in to chaperone.

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes because you are appalled at the people who don’t accompany their children into the play area, and that’s okay.

It’s already been documented that I’m a bad mom.

I was able to do it because we had the two tables right by the door to park ourselves and our stuff and because the majority of the time we were there, the only kids in the play area belonged to my friends and I.

Don’t miss the point here though, people: major Chick-fil-A milestone.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    No, I think that’s totally fine, as long as you were watching her and would have intervened if intervening was necessary.

    Happy big girl Chick-fil-a day!

  2. circaeightyeight said,

    i think you mean ice DREAM. yes, it’s not cream. it’s dream. and it’s the BOMB.com.

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