August 4, 2010


Posted in mousie at 8:22 pm by Anonymouse

Pretty much anyone who knows my mom, knows that she loves shoes.

Is there a word stronger than love?

She is the Shoe Queen.

I inherited her love.

If my mom is the shoe queen, then I am the shoe princess.

I even have a framed drawing of a shoe with the title “Shoe Princess”.

I think that makes it official.

Proving that environment certainly plays a role in one’s make-up, Baby Swiss is stepping right into her role as Duchess of Shoes.

First official word (other than mama/dada): shoes.

Ability to walk in high heels millions of sizes too big: done.

Currently residing in her bed for comfort: too-small green jellies.

That’s my girl.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    All hail the Shoe Duchess!

  2. shoeaddict said,

    To my utter horror, my girl seems to hate shoes, like her father. Hoping she grows out of that.

  3. Kelly said,

    Mea loves shoes, as much, if not more, then I do. As a 4 year old, she’s able to get by with so much more….Can’t decide between flip flops? Wear one of each! Want to wear fancy play shoes to daycare? Done! Take 3 pairs while you are at it so you can share with your friends…

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