August 6, 2010

testing the waters

Posted in mousie at 8:37 pm by Anonymouse

Today I was at the pool with Baby Swiss and some friends and their kids.

See, we go places other than Chick-fil-A.

There was a little girl – probably 10ish years-old who was there.  She was waving at Baby Swiss, so I tried to strike up a conversation for them.

I tried to get Baby Swiss to tell the girl her name, but she must have thought I was asking her to tell me the girl’s name and she started saying the name of her birth mom.

Now, to be fair this girl did look a little bit like she could be a pre-teen version of Baby Swiss’s birth mom and had her hair in a similar style to what T’s was most of this summer.

So, what’s the verdict:

Long lost younger sister of T, or does my kid need to be around more black people?



  1. grammar nazi said,

    Is that the wrong kind of their/there/they’re I see???

    • Anonymouse said,

      where? i don’t see it?

  2. grammar nazi said,

    Is that the wrong kind of there/their/they’re I see???

  3. Anonymouse said,

    oh, there it is. i’m so embarassed.

  4. j said,

    Nah, the 2 year old across the street calls every big girl Emma. It’s a phase they go through. Trying to figure out who is who.

  5. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Nah, it’s a psychological thing. Over-generalization. Elizabeth currently calls all women “mama” and all men “dada”. And all kids (or short people or people sitting down) “babies.” There have been studies on how language develops. And this is how.

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