August 9, 2010

the cost of teeth whitening

Posted in mousie at 9:45 am by Anonymouse

Oh, adoption.

It’s expensive.

What’s up with that?

I don’t really have the answer for that question.

Although, I don’t really believe you can put a pricetag on a life.

And, it is a life.

I say I’m pro-life.

And I am.

And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.


At first it started as an ends to a means.

A baby in my arms.

A”mama” title on my resume.

Maybe if we didn’t need agencies, it wouldn’t cost so much.

Maybe if the Church was doing it’s job, people with babies who aren’t ready to be parents would know that they can just go to the church and that we would be the Church and take care of them.

But the church isn’t always the Church.

And my eyes aren’t always open.

Are yours?

So, adoption is expensive.

Sometimes I think about getting teeth whitening.  But then I think of all of the other things I’d rather spend my money on.

When I think about Baby Swiss, I can’t think of anything else I would have rather spent my money on.

Adoption is expensive.

But it’s worth every penny.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I know it is totally not your point, but rock on, I have two teeth whitening kits underneath my sink that Matt and I can’t use. I keep thinking about throwing them away, but I can’t since they are still unopened. So it’s not the same as professional whitening, but send me your address.

  2. Rach said,

    awesome. I consider my email posing this question answered. 🙂

  3. Jamie said,

    I just love this…LOVE

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