August 25, 2010

of course there are exceptions to every rule

Posted in mousie at 8:34 pm by Anonymouse

In case you didn’t know, middle schoolers are weird.

I’ve been aware of this fact since I was in the 8th grade.  Which oddly enough is one of the middle school years.

Go figure.

Today, Baby Swiss and I took a wagon ride to the park – well, only one of us rode in the wagon.  You can go ahead and guess which one played the princess and sat in the wagon with a cup of water and graham crackers.

After we were at the park for a few minutes, a middle school boy showed up on his tiny little kid bike.  He climbed to the highest point of the play area and pulled out his big kid cell phone.

Yes, little middle school boys play at playgrounds AND have cell phones.

They also call girls and ask about other girls and then pretend like they don’t have crushes on the girl they are asking about when it is soooooooo obvious.

And then they get on their tiny little kid bikes with their big kid cell phones and go home to have their mom fix them a snack.

I’m glad that my child has agreed to stay a baby and we don’t have to worry about her ever becoming a middle schooler.

Or getting calls from boys.

Or getting mentioned by boys who are talking to other girls.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I am also glad that my baby has agreed to stay a baby. Much better that way.

  2. Kelly said,

    Middle school kids are not only weird, they are also often kind of mean. Cell phones have only made this being mean factor worse….Mea has agreed to stay in preschool, the toys are way cooler.

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