August 28, 2010

getting back on the horse

Posted in mousie at 8:32 pm by Anonymouse

So between Thursday’s post and today’s, you might be tempted think I’d downloaded pictures to my computer recently or something.

If you gave into that temptation, you’d be right.

Whilst visiting my sister last weekend, we had a big milestone – first carousel ride for Baby Swiss.

It was less than a hit.

As soon as I put the (too big) seat belt on her, she said “All Done.”

I’m more of a you’ll-be-fine-just-deal kind of mom, so I was not moved by her pleas for rescue.

Luckily, it was my sister who she kept a death grip on for the whole ride.

I’m sure she thought her horse was about to escape from the carousel and take her on a Mary Poppins adventure.

Except she’s never seen Mary Poppins.

It would seem this horse looks much more mean than the horse at the grocery store.

After the ride was over, she practically leaped off her horse; and yet she readily told Nana (who bought the token) “thank you” for the ride AND said that she had fun.

Crazy baby.

I predict the next carousel ride will be a smashing success.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    She looks quite suspicious in that last picture.

    Elizabeth would like to tell Baby Swiss that she is terribly incorrect. Carousels are the Most Awesome Thing in the World and the horse in the grocery store is terrifying and “all done.”

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