August 29, 2010

slumber party is kind of a misnomer

Posted in mousie at 1:40 pm by Anonymouse

Friday night, I went to a slumber party with the girls from my small group.

Maybe I should say “women” instead of “girls” since I was informed by a 17 year-old that she didn’t think old people had slumber parties.

Call us what you want – and we’ve been called many things – we had a slumber party.

It was a lot of fun, but there are a few differences between teenager slumber parties and old-lady slumber parties.

  1. Old ladies have sophisticated snacks.  This time: fondue.
  2. Old ladies opt to turn in when they are tired.
  3. When old ladies are tired, they sleep in beds instead of on the floor.
  4. Old ladies don’t talk about s.ex at slumber parties.  They talk about junk mail, babies and car payments.
  5. Old ladies definitely don’t reveal their secret crushes to their girlfriends at slumber parties.  The whole husband thing kind of ruins the fun of teen-aged crushes.
  6. When old ladies have a slumber party, someone may bring a bre.ast pump.  AND they just might use it twice.
  7. Old ladies get up early even after a slumber party because they just might have to go home and get ready to go to a meeting about their local Mom’s Group or help with the tryouts for the kid’s Christmas show.
  8. And, the difference that is the WORST: old ladies stomachs start to reject the junk food – sophisticated as it may be – at a certain point.

Merry slumber to you – I think I need to go catch some right now.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I just canceled almost all of my junk mail. It’s great.

    I think I am too old to sleep on the floor.

  2. Jamie Gunn said,

    If there was a like button on your blog, I would be clicking it right now 🙂
    Happy slumber!

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