August 30, 2010

i never did like roller coasters

Posted in mousie at 9:51 pm by Anonymouse

When we did our first home study, one of the requirements was that we attend a seminar type of thing.  At the seminar, the social worker compared what we were all getting ready to do as a roller coaster ride.

Some roller coasters are for little kids, they have gradual climbs and mild dips.  Others are crazy and take you upside down, move fast, drop out from under you and seem like they’re never going to end.

We seem to have hit a mild dip on our ride.

Potential birth mom has not returned calls or emails from our social worker regarding setting up a time to meet us.

It could mean a lot of things, but most likely it means she has changed her mind about one thing or another.

It’s just a mild dip.

It’s actually nice to know that something about our profile was appealing to someone.

It’s nice to break up the monotony of the waiting with a little activity.

I’m not really looking forward to whatever dip that is coming up next.

Because there will be one.

It might be another mild one that we just ride out and possibly even sort of see coming.

It might be a dip that comes out of nowhere and takes our breath away and makes us feel like we’ll never be the same.

Whatever comes next, I hope we at least can get corn dogs and funnel cakes.

And then get back on the ride.



  1. j said,

    Keep us posted. Still praying for you and for her.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Maybe it just means that she is disorganized and bad at returning emails. I am bad at returning emails.

    Maybe some cotton candy too? Although funnel cake is much, much better than cotton candy.

  3. Yes, it is a roller coaster. But I am happy to finally be on the ride!

  4. circaeightyeight said,

    did you mention corn dogs and funnel cakes because of the bachelor pad? or, were they copying you?

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