August 31, 2010

turnabout is fair play

Posted in mousie at 8:10 pm by Anonymouse

Growing up, I was always tall.

People told me all the time that I should play basketball.

They didn’t calculate in my complete lack of athleticism.

Baby Swiss is tall.

Maybe she’ll play basketball.

Or maybe she’ll be like her mama and just watch basketball.

Maybe she’ll be the Homecoming Queen and ride in the parade.

I don’t care what she does.

As long as she takes care of me when I’m old.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think she looks more like someone holding her hands up to block the paparazzi. “No pictures, no pictures please!”

  2. Kelly said,

    I’ve always been tall, but I have no coordination, at all, whatsoever. No basketball, no volleyball, no dodge ball, no four square for me. I don’t think Mea’s going to be super tall, but she is so coordinated, I cannot even believe the things the girl can do…even now.

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