September 4, 2010

the streak is alive

Posted in mousie at 9:47 pm by Anonymouse

Today is the first day all year that I’ve forgotten to blog.

Well, here I am, so technically I didn’t forget, but I did have to get out of bed to do it.

Don’t judge me for the early bedtime.

Here is the take away lesson from today:

If blogging every single day for 8 months and 2 days is not enough to establish a habit, then there is no hope for me and dental floss.



  1. Darci said,

    Maybe you were basking in the wonder that is having your husband home?

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think we should both put an emergency post up, set to autopost at 11:59pm. And then each day when we remember to blog for that day, we’ll go and change the date to the next day. So then we’d always be covered.

    Except I’d always forget that autopost was there.

  3. addy1013 said,

    are you sure you aren’t OCD? 😉 not much of anything can get me out of bed once i’m there.

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