September 19, 2010


Posted in mousie at 9:42 pm by Anonymouse

Sometimes when it is impossible to come up with something to blog about, I check my archives to see what I wrote this time last year.

Then I curse myself for not being a more consistent blogger.

Since May 2009 – September 2009 was total blog silence for me, I had to resort to facebook for a reminder about last year at this time.

What I found seems impossible that it was only a year ago.

And impossible that a whole year has passed.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Well, next year you’ll have any easy time looking back. 😉

    It is totally unacceptable that these tiny babies keep growing.

  2. Kelly said,

    This time next year, you’ll have Baby Swiss to look back at, but you’ll also have little Baby Colby, Baby Muenster, or Baby Fontina (so many cheeses! What is Bye-Yet’s cheese name going to be?) to be writing about too.

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