September 22, 2010

this one time, at the library

Posted in mousie at 8:02 pm by Anonymouse

Story time at the library started back up this week.

It’s a 25ish minute program for toddlers age 12-24 months and a loving adult (usually mom, but sometimes dad, grandma, babysitter, etc.)  There are usually two stories and a handful of songs with actions.

So, this week one story happened to be about Baby and Baby’s toes and Baby’s chin and Baby’s fingers, and so and and so forth.

Of course, Miss Kate (the librarian) is asking the kids to point to their various body parts that correspond with what the book is saying about Baby.

My kid is on it.

Like On. It.

She is 22 months old.  She better know where her toes are.

The other story was this one.

Now, I am not a fan of this book, and we wouldn’t even own it except the doctor’s office gave it to us for free.

Baby Swiss loves it.

We keep it in the diaper bag in the van and when she gets restless in the car, I throw it at her and ask her to find the yellow duck or the purple cat, etc.

She gets restless a lot.

So, she knows that book.

She was calling out “Red Bird!  Blue Horse!” etc. before Miss Kate could even ask the kids what it was.

My kid.

She’s a show-off.

Forget the fact that she was probably the oldest child there.

She’s that kid that is in your class at school and wants to give the answer to every single question.

You know who I am talking about.

And you probably didn’t like her.

But don’t worry.

She doesn’t know everything.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I was that kid in school.

    Elizabeth gets her shoes on the wrong feet all the time. But she knows how to switch them now when I say “wrong feet!” I actually don’t know how she learned that, I didn’t teach her to switch them.

    I’m impressed with Baby Swiss. Elizabeth may know that stuff, but she WILL NOT do it in public. Nope, and you can’t make her.

  2. addy1013 said,

    she’s a smartie.

    can we recall the restlessness that went on in an urgent care office not so far from your home not so long ago? those women LOVED US. 🙂

  3. Brittany said,

    I heard that Baby Swiss showed her tummy, too. FLASHER! 🙂

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