September 29, 2010

sweet dreams

Posted in mousie at 8:12 pm by Anonymouse

The other morning it was unofficially Mr. Mouse’s turn to get up with Baby Swiss when our 5:00 am wake-up call sounded over the baby monitor.

Sure enough, he got up.

He went into her room and hit the snooze button (i.e. re-binkied with one of the binkies that had fallen through the crib slats onto the floor).

This is not an uncommon morning routine at our house these days.

The alarm went off ten minutes later.

Mr. Mouse hit snooze.




For 40 minutes.

I was what we call irritated.

He finally gave up, got her out of bed and took her downstairs.

I finally went back to sleep.

But it was a seething kind of sleep because you know – he hadn’t handled the morning the way I thought he should.

And we all know that what I think is always right, right?


So, I’m asleep and I have a dream that Mr. Mouse and I had a mildly heated debate as to how things went versus how they should have been (according to what I think, obvs).

We worked it all out in the dream and all was well.

Then, in real life when I woke up, I felt so much better because we had discussed and resolved our little conflict.

Once I realize in awake-world that the resolution was in dream-world, I also realized that it didn’t even matter because I felt better, so why get into something that already been settled?

I told Mr. Mouse about the dream a few days later.

He just smiled and laughed.

He’s getting good at that living with me.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    That’s awesome. I love that you were totally happy with working it out in your dream.

  2. Mr. Mouse said,

    This still cracks me up.

  3. Kelly said,

    This is so cute.

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