October 11, 2010

big girls don’t cry

Posted in mousie at 9:22 pm by Anonymouse

Project Big Girl Bed has been a success so far.

I was a bit concerned with the big switch due to the baby snatching that happened at my house about a week ago.

Someone snatched my baby who used to request a nap or bedtime when she was tired, and replaced her with a look-alike who resisted bedtime and even climbed out of her crib.

It’s like the baby-snatchers knew that the big girl bed was coming and they were trying to scare us from making the change.

We’ve been talking up the big girl bed.

We set it up yesterday afternoon, after nap.  Baby Swiss was present for the whole process and she got to hear her Mama and Daddy gush about how big she is and what a big deal a big girl bed is.

I put the sheets on it and we explored it a bit.

She called it her big-girl bed, but it sounded more like “giggle bed”.

And that was cute.

Then we went to small group at her friend’s house and we had her tell everyone what was in her room and of course they appropriately ooh-ed and ahh-ed.

The whole way home from small group we talked about how we were going to go home and go night night in the big girl bed.

I was bracing myself for an evening at the top of stairs replacing a not-so-big girl into her giggle bed.

We tossed her in bed with her binkies – just like normal and said good night just like normal and closed the door.

Just to see if we could get away with it.

We didn’t.

She cried and jumped right out of bed.

I went back in.

Talked her down.

Left again.

And that was it.

Nap today and bedtime tonight were equally easy, but we’re still holding our breath just a bit every time we leave her.

Next up – quitting the bedtime binky.



  1. Jamie Gunn said,

    Good luck with the goodbye to binki – we waited to 3 with our dramatic big-girl, who by the way still cries at 3 1/2, I keep thinking maybe by 4…

  2. Jamie Gunn said,

    I wanted to clarify, she doesn’t cry at night — just in general as part of her dramatic self-expression 🙂

  3. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Wow, good for Baby Swiss! And the term giggle bed must be used from now on.

  4. addy1013 said,

    uh, who doesn’t want a giggle bed?! i do. was to go, swiss. and mom 😉

  5. Ugh! The pacifier! We are having so much trouble with Archie absconding with Teddy’s pacifier. We purposefully chose a different type/brand for Teddy, thinking Archie would leave it alone. No.

    Still, the toddler/newborn combo is a joy to behold. I can’t wait to see your girls together.

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