October 18, 2010

my husband is rolling his eyes

Posted in mousie at 7:59 pm by Anonymouse

I haven’t wanted to a throw a towel in on this daily blogging thing as much as I have wanted to lately.  I want to document – for posterity and maybe for the sake of others – what is going on in my head with the adoption stuff right now, but it’s just not really flowing, so if I don’t quit, you’ll continue to get the usual lame-ness.

Like this:

Today I was at Marshall’s and saw a pair of black sequined Ugg-style boots for toddler girls.

You guys I came so close to buying them.

Except Baby Swiss has a pair of metallic boots, so they would go with all the same things.

I just couldn’t justify the expense.




  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    If you quit daily blogging, I will be mad. Really MAD. You will not receive your Christmas card.

    But what if she pees on her metallic boots and needs something to wear while they dry? Elizabeth was wearing nothing but her shoes the other day and then I had to wash out her shoes and dry them on the back porch.

  2. circaeightyeight said,

    but for the sake of your friends you can’t just visit mi ranchito with on any given weeknight, you will keep blogging, and trying to share. because i love when you share. =) p.s. hug my friend, baby swiss for me please. and if she wants to mail me a goldfish, i wouldn’t be upset!

  3. Jamie said,

    Un-lame, you’ve just prompted a trip to Marshalls – you do earn commission right?!
    Happy Wednesday friend

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