October 28, 2010

good thing my double stroller weighs 2,000 lbs

Posted in mousie at 1:47 pm by Anonymouse

Today I had a stressful morning.

Then I mall-walked my stress away with my friend.

Then I decided that I wasn’t be true to myself if I was going to exercise stress away.

So I comfort-ate some bagel bites and mini-corndog nuggets for lunch with another friend.

And I decided that wasn’t very healthy so I had a couple of apple slices too.

It’s okay though because I had fruit for breakfast.

Fruity pebbles.




  1. Kelly said,

    Mea and I love the Fruity Pebbles…I’m sure there is some actual fruit in there somewhere…

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    NO! Sugar cereal is gross! Milk is not supposed to be sweet.

    I hope the stress is gone now.

  3. addy1013 said,

    mmm…..fruity pebbles….i love them, just not the film they leave in my mouth :/

    oooo….what kind of double stroller did you get??

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