November 13, 2010

rollin’ with the oldies

Posted in mousie at 9:43 pm by Anonymouse

Today was a grown up day for me.

I went to a women’s event at church.

That’s just how we church ladies roll.

In my history of women’s events, I generally feel like I’m not old enough to attend those types of things.

At this particular event, I think that I was approximately the 5th youngest person in the room.

I didn’t mind though.  I genuinely enjoyed being at an event and sitting at a table with a great mix of women – varied in both age and personality.

Then, this afternoon I went to a 50th birthday party.

Yep, that’s just how I roll.

Well, actually it was Baby Swiss’s birth mom’s dad.

That’s a lot of possessives in one sentence.

We just call him Grandpa E.

We saw some of our favorite people, some people we haven’t seen in awhile and someone I had a very awkward phone conversation with almost two years ago and haven’t heard from since.

And we ate skittles.

I guess that’s how 50-year olds roll.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think most people like skittles, right?

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