November 14, 2010

bullet points: good things edition

Posted in mousie at 10:07 pm by Anonymouse

  • This morning my family of four went to church together in one vehicle and left together in one vehicle.  This has not happened since Baby Swiss was new (obviously, then we were a family of three, not four) due to Mr. Mouse’s and my varying church commitments.
  • I got to go to a dance recital AND my little children behaved through the whole thing.
  • We hosted our small group for the first time, which was fun and we had a new couple come.
  • At small group, the women separated from the men for a bit and it was fun to have some girl time talking about respecting our husbands.


  1. addy1013 said,

    i love all these bullets. particularly the first. because i know how rare it can be, and how sweet it is when it does.

  2. Are you reading Love and Respect? It’s a staple of small groups everywhere.

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