November 17, 2010

bullet points: cf scare edition

Posted in mousie at 9:24 pm by Anonymouse

  • After much drama, we have an order for a repeat of the newborn screening.  We will go in the morning and hopefully the results will be sent by the state to both our pediatrician and us – the two parties who actually need the info.  People that had information today: birth mom, hospital of birth, adoption agency.
  • They are repeating the newborn screening rather than scheduling a sweat test now.  I have mixed emotions about this.  On one hand, it would be nice to just skip right to the test that will actually give pretty reliable results.  On the other hand, repeating the initial screening makes me think that the levels must not be alarmingly out of the normal range.  Time will tell.
  • All of this has had me tied into a bit of a stress ball, so it was nice to come home from some errands to a batch of frozen soup from a friend who happens to know me well enough to know that I am an emotional eater, so on top of the soup was a nice and chilled Hershey’s Chocolate bar.  That’s what I’m talking about.
  • And, the cherry on top: Jen sent me some sweet-tarts after I had lamenting Baby Swiss getting zero, and they just happened to arrive in today’s mail.  She is like my fairy blogmother.


  1. Tiffany said,

    Don’t get the sweat test unless needed, it hurts. Brennan had to get it about 3 years ago and it was not pleasant. Praying that the repeat screen will come out totally clear!

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I seriously put those sweet tarts aside for you the night that you posted about it, but it took me that long to get up and actually send them. Who knows if you’ll ever get a baby present?

    I think you are right about the reasons for the repeat of the newborn screenings. I hope that is all that is needed to resolve the issue.

  3. Kelly said,

    I think this is a very good sign. I am praying all goes well, and you get the results back very soon.

  4. Rach said,

    VERY good sign!

    We will just pray you through this.

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