December 3, 2010

a good reason not to craft

Posted in mousie at 10:15 pm by Anonymouse

A few years ago, Mr. Mouse’s mom decided she would cross-stitch a Christmas stocking for each member of the family.

At the time, that included her and Mr. Mouse’s dad, Mr. Mouse, his brother and brother’s wife.

They were all done for Christmas 2004.

By Christmas 2005, our wedding was less than a month away, so she made another stocking that year.

Christmas 2006 saw the first Christmas for the first grandchild and another stocking.

In 2007, we celebrated our niece’s first Christmas and she had her very own stocking made my grandma.

2008 was one month and one day after Baby Swiss was born and she certainly wouldn’t be left out from having her stocking.

There wasn’t a new baby to celebrate a first Christmas in 2009, but my sister-in-law was pregnant and she is known for preemies, so the stocking was ready minus the baby’s name and birth year (brother-in-law and sister-in-law are the keep-the-name-a-secret-type).  As it happens, baby niece was born about two weeks later.

Obviously this year there is another new grand baby and another new stocking.  I’m sure it’s coming, but in the meantime, Pipsqueak’s P is waiting patiently.

And, I’m sure my mother-in-law is regretting the idea of the cross-stitched stockings… and the baby quilts… and the crocheted blankets for each of the kids.




  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Hehe. My mom made appliqued stockings for Matt and I when we got married. And she secretly made two extras at the same time and hid them. About five years ago, I complained enough about not being able to find non-tacky, matching stockings for the dogs (yes, the dogs), so she gave them to me with temporary name tags on them for the dogs. Then when Elizabeth was born (as was always my plan), I refused to give them back for her to alter, so she had to make another one. And she made one for my sister at the same time and one more spare. She claims that it goes to either my sister’s potential spouse, or my next potential child, whomever comes first and after that, everyone else is out of luck. I suspect we will wear her down when the time comes.

  2. Kelly said,

    Grandmas love doing all that crafty grandma stuff. My mom is the blanket crocher…every baby we know of gets one. If you are special, you get to pick out your own yarn.

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