December 6, 2010

odd odds

Posted in mousie at 10:04 pm by Anonymouse

Today was our post-placement visit with our social worker.

I’m sure she says nice things to everyone, but she really made me feel good with her comments about how well we seemed to handle everything.

Sometimes to hear her talk, I am reminded of how amazingly everything came together.

She said she, personally does about 10 adoptions a year.


And we were one of them in such a short time.

She said she always tells couples to expect to wait at least a year.

We waited four months from entering the program until Pipsqueak was born.

She said that adoptions of babies in our state to families in our state are very rare at her agency… and keeping it all in our state makes a lot of things much easier.

I’ve fallen on the narrow side of the odds a lot of times.

But it hasn’t always been for the worse.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    It’s about time that you ended up on the good part of the narrow odds.

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