December 10, 2010

green & white polka dot pants with pink ruffles are standard stable-wear

Posted in mousie at 10:49 pm by Anonymouse

Tonight we went to the second showing of the kid’s Christmas production at church.

Our friends were some of the directors and Mr. Mouse is the resident-technical-guy-who-is-also-a-sucker at our church, so we stayed after and helped tear down the set stuff and reset the technical stuff.

I like doing stuff like that.

I want my kids to grow up knowing that we are a family who helps and learning ways we can help no matter how old we are.

Baby Swiss did some helping to redecorate the Christmas trees, but mostly she was the most popular girl amongst the preteens.

She had a blast.  I think to her, those girls are old enough to be super cool and fun and give her things like cookies and Hershey’s kisses (after sweetly asking my permission), but young enough that they are still big kids to her.

To them, she is a baby that they can pick up and play with and tell to say things and get to follow them all over.

It was super cute.

And, reassuring to know that when my current babysitters graduate from high school, there are others coming up behind them.

In other news, I was holding Pipsqueak at one point and a 3 year-old boy looked at me and in all seriousness said, “Is that baby Jesus?”



  1. addy1013 said,

    i love that you called mr mouse a sucker 🙂 he’ll be a sucker with a crazy big house (and balcony) in heaven 😉

  2. Darci said,

    I burst out laughing at your Baby Jesus.

  3. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Um, yeah, obviously that is baby Jesus.

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