December 17, 2010

a very merry unbirthday to you

Posted in mousie at 10:06 pm by Anonymouse

Today I saw tickers on my friend’s blog that made me laugh.

One of her kid’s ticker likeness was brown and the other was white.

And that’s what color her kids are.

Mine are too, which doesn’t strike me as amusing at all, but I guess hers is funnier because her two kids have the same two biological parents.

Seeing her tickers made me wonder what color I had chosen for Pipsqueak’s ticker likeness because we weren’t sure what color she was going to be.

As it was, I guessed right, but both of my tickers were outdated, so I updated them today.

Which leads me to the baby age discussion…

How do you talk about the age of babies?

Weeks?  Months?  Half months?

Here’s what I do:

Up until 2 months, I say the age in weeks…unless it happens to be the actual one month-iversary.

After 2 months, I use months and half months – rounding to the nearest half month.

I do this until 6 months, at which point I drop the half months, but sometimes use the occasional “almost” and the next month-iversary.

I do this until 18 months.

After 18 months, I say “She’ll be two in November”.

Then I count in half years.

I’m 30 and still count in half years for myself, so I can’t say that I think this should ever end.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I used weeks up until a month old, then I think I used a month and a half, and then I went to straight months until she was about sixteen months old. Then I started using months for other moms and “almost a year and a half” for regular people. I used a year and a half until she was about twenty-one months and then went to “two in December.” I think we’ll count half years from now on too.

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