December 20, 2010

oh, this world

Posted in mousie at 8:29 pm by Anonymouse

I had planned to report today that we had court for Pipsqueak’s adoption finalization and all went well.

And we did and it did.

Well, except for a certain two-year old who needed to narrate the entire courtroom experience as it was happening.

But that’s kind of inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

We came home and were in discussion as to where we would go to eat our celebratory supper when we got a phone call that our friends twins were born today at 26 weeks.

Both little girls are about 1 lb 14 oz which is about the same amount of weight that I ate in chips and salsa tonight.

It’s a lot for chips and salsa, but not much for a person.

They have really awesome names that I love.

And they are at a different hospital than their mama who is recovering from an emergency c-section.

I’m just sick about all of it.

I mean I was at their house for a Christmas party two days ago and she had had zero contractions, was feeling great, all was well.

So, my little family is happy and healthy and perfect and legal; and it just makes me wonder how it is that I got picked to have a healthy, happy family.

And I have a friend out there in the world who is mourning a failed adoption and waiting to be found by her baby’s birth family.

And I have another friend out there who is recovering from a miscarriage and is sad.

And I have another friend who is maybe pregnant again after a second miscarriage and holding her breath to see how this one will turn out.

And I have a friend who has two baby girls across town that she can’t see and her husband is torn between his tiny daughters and his recovering wife.

And I just don’t know what to do with all of that.

So, I ate chips and salsa and I loaded all of the baby bottles into the dishwasher and I’m going to put my toddler to bed and kiss her naughty face and kiss my baby good-bye and go to meet with other friends and pray.

Because what else can you do?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Congratulations on Pipsqueak’s finalization.

    Well, you have a happy, healthy family now, but you had a hard road to get there. I hope all your friends end up with the same beautiful outcomes that you’ve found.

  2. Darci said,

    Oh my gosh Lizzie. Let me know if there’s anything I can do…you know, I’m off work with nothing else to do.

  3. Praying for your friends and their little ones. I cannot imagine what they are going through but we will pray.

    Sending you love….

    Thanks for your text too. Will respond soon – two more days and I am in vacation mode.

  4. Kelly said,

    Congratulations on finalization. I know what a happy day this is, and how full of relief it is.

    So sorry for your friends, I’ll be praying for them.

  5. Congratulations on Pipsqueak’s finalization. These seem to be very turbulent times for your friends. Praying is always the first resort, even if we think we save it for a last resort. Everything we do up to that point is chaos.

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