December 29, 2010


Posted in mousie at 8:38 pm by Anonymouse

I earned a new mommy badge last week.

I actually can’t believe I forgot to blog about it when it happened.

So, I went to the grocery store with the girls (not that unusual of an occurrence).

As we were grabbing our cart, Baby Swiss eyed the car cart.

You know.

The one that is about 35 feet long because it has a normal length shopping cart with a plastic two-seater car on the front.

She didn’t ask me to ride in the car.

She just looked at it.

And then looked at me.

With question marks in those big brown eyes.

Those eyes are going to get her many things that she wants in her life.

And break a lot of hearts.

Anyway, it was so sweet and I did have a lot of shopping I needed to do, thus preferred the idea of not having Pipsqueak’s carrier covering a good portion of my basket.

So, we chose the car cart.

And let me tell you, that sucker is a beast.

Between the car cart and my double stroller, I think I’m ready to go get my CDL and start driving school buses.

Except I’m not so good at driving the car cart just yet.

I suspect that I’ll have opportunity to get better at it.

I also suspect that someday I will be breaking up fights between two drivers in the two seats of the two-seater and dragging one or both of them out to create quite the spectacle in the middle of the store.

They will not get to ride the mechanical horse on the way out of the store that day.

But, I’ll be okay because I’ll be adding another badge to my collection that day.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Best Buy has the best car carts. And so does Home Depot. The one I use at Publix is ridiculously long and I end up ramming things. But being allowed to drive-drive is one of Elizabeth’s favorite things ever.

  2. addy1013 said,

    i agree with jen. the car carts at publix have a mind of their own!!! i hope walmart never invests in these things.

  3. Kelly said,

    The car carts are so ridiculously hard to “drive” they should be banned. Everytime we go to the store, I have a little pep talk with myself about them.

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