January 25, 2011

surely I earned a 24 day vacation, right?

Posted in mousie at 10:46 pm by Anonymouse


Remember me?

My many (read: one) adoring fans (read: fan) have (read: has) been requesting a come back.



Here I am.

I never intended to abandon the blog for so long, but it was awfully easy to do.

Before I document the many exciting things we have been up to in January so far (read: potty training and nothing else), I would like to do a little bit of a pro/con list on the idea of daily blogging.


  • It is a discipline.  I actually really surprised myself that I really was able to do it.  When I started, I didn’t believe for a second that it would actually last an entire year.  The more I did it though, the more it seemed I would be forfeiting to quit.
  • It documented a lot of mundane and a few not mundane things that happened in my life last year, that would otherwise be undocumented.  You may see this as a con, but I’m kind of glad to have the documentation there if I ever were to want it.
  • Blogging daily lowers the expectation for quality.  This is an extra special insight into my personality.  I do believe that if you read my blog knowing that I will be blogging every day, you don’t necessarily expect amazing wit, literary genius or even proofreading.  If I blogged less frequently, in theory there would be more time for a more focused effort.  Focused effort is not necessarily my thing most of the time.


  • You have to do it every day.
  • Well, that first point isn’t necessarily true.  There were several times that I scheduled posts for days I would be out of town or for times when I had family visiting here (that’s right for all of you who feel the need to mention the still-secret blog on facebook — my family still doesn’t know…shhh!).  Anyway, having to do a bunch of posts at once wasn’t fun.

Overall, I would definitely say that I recommend doing it.

I will also say that I plan to be back more than once every 25 days in 2011.

But not every day.

Also, because more than one of you have asked…



  1. Kelly said,

    Ahh, she is so precious. I’m glad you are back, I missed you. My blog is also super secret….no one knows, at least anyone who knows me in real life. I hope to keep it that way.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I will accept three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Did you know that your baby is adorable? Also, you should get her some lighter hairbows. I don’t see the hairbow in the picture there, but obviously she is wearing another one of those really heavy ones that pulls her head over.

  3. Tiffany said,

    Glad you are back. I’ve been a pro at spoiling secrets lately, sorry I exposed yours. I thought you just hated me when you deleted my FB post 🙂 You have some really cute girls!!!!!

  4. Renee said,

    Yeah! I’m glad you’re back. Although I don’t know you very well, it’s nice to read what’s going on with you guys. Very funny and real blog!

  5. Rach said,

    Real is right. Is it bad that I am laughing at the placement of the Bumbo on your table and the big red warning on the Bumbo?

    She is SO sweet!

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