February 1, 2011

it’s just snow

Posted in mousie at 8:25 pm by Anonymouse

I thought I’d be original and post about the snow storm.

By the way, did you hear that there is a snow storm?

Pretty much if you live in the US, you’re probably buried somewhere under snow – hopefully it’s inside your own home.

The location of your burial, no the snow.


Blizzard of Oz.


What names am I forgetting?



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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    How about “only 60% of Matt’s company’s offices are open tomorrow, so he has to work for ten million hours tomorrow to compensate for the branches, including corporate, that are snowed out?” And I will be eating dinner alone.

    Also, it is fifty degrees here, and raining. Actually, thunderstorming. Which means bedtime was punctuated by lots of crying about the “ah booms” and I was told “I scared of the thunder worms.” (I’m guessing she meant thunder booms, but it sure sounded like worms.)

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