February 14, 2011

bullet points: miscellaneous monday edition

Posted in mousie at 1:29 pm by Anonymouse

  • Sometimes people tell me that my facebook status updates are funny.  Sometimes I actually do think I’m funny.  When the two combine, I get a little too pleased with myself.  I’m funny! And! People like me!
  • We went to a fun birthday party on Saturday where Baby Swiss got to build-a-dino (same as this, but a with a dinosaur).  Walking out of there with this great new stuffed animal (much loved already), I felt like we should have gotten the birthday boy a better gift.
  • Last night, we played things with some friends and it was super fun- even though I didn’t win.
  • This morning we had a play date at a certain fast food restaurant that we rarely go to (*cough*).  My friend told me she was glad we were friends because now when her one-year old (happy Birthday to him today!) throws himself on the floor in a fit, she knows he’s normal.  Her telling me this is pretty much the same as  her telling me that I deserve the mother of the year award, right?  I mean as long as the mother of the year award means the same as your-kid-throws-a-lot-of-fits-in-public-places. Seriously though – it’s good to have friends with older kids.  Then you aren’t shocked and appalled when some strange kid hits your friend’s kid in the Chick-fil-A play area.  You’re just glad that it wasn’t YOUR kid who hit your friend’s kid.
  • Potty training update: we are on day 9 of a no-accident streak.  And, that will end promptly today now that I’ve posted it on the WORLD WIDE web.  I wouldn’t call her trained by a long shot though because she is not good at telling us she needs to go.  We just take her periodically (mostly before/after nap and bed and before meals and leaving the house) and she stays dry in between.  She will say, “I don’t need to go potty, Mama” occasionally which means, “I need to go potty and probably potty of the poop variety, Mama.”  She does stay dry during naps, but not through the night yet.  And I really, truly don’t care at all about her staying dry through the night right now.
  • I may or may not have received MORE sweettarts from someone.  I would now like to tell the blog universe that not only do I like sweettarts; I also like Chick-fil-A, being told I’m funny and cold hard cash.  Let me know if you need my mailing address.

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  1. Kelly said,

    I think you are pretty funny, on Facebook and here too. Mea always seemed to announce that she didn’t have to go potty when she needed to go number two as well. They are already trying to play mind games.

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