February 15, 2011

surprised face

Posted in mousie at 7:25 pm by Anonymouse

A certain two-year old decided to choose today to exhibit her two-ness in a most ferocious way.

(I know, everyone says three is worse – can’t wait.)

So, now she is in bed early without most of her dinner.

And most definitely without the cookie she wouldn’t stop asking for/throwing a fit about/pointing at.

Guess what, kiddo?

Mama and Daddy mean business.




  1. Darci said,

    Uh oh! Remind her to be extra good on Saturday for Travis!

  2. Kelly said,

    Love the face. Mea had much the same kind of night last night. We eat our dinner before Valentine candy. If we don’t eat our dinner, no candy. Needless to say “We are mean.”

    Also, at 9:30, she woke up and was starving. I think she’ll be eating her supper tonight.

  3. Heh heh heh. I love 2-year-olds. Did she bite?

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