March 9, 2011

decade of decision

Posted in mousie at 9:10 pm by Anonymouse

Today is the 18th birthday of a certain favorite of mine.

Happy Birthday, yo.

We went out for Mexican on Monday night to properly celebrate with chips and salsa and queso and more chips.

And lots of lactose.

Anyway, in thinking about her 18th birthday and all that’s coming next in her life, I’ve been thinking about the decade of decision.

That’s a catchy little title that I heard back when I was 18 and a freshman in college, but it really is more true probably about the 10 years between 18 & 27 than any other 10 year period in your life.

I mean in that decade in my life:

  • I moved away from my parents’ house to start college at a university with tens of thousands of people where I knew exactly 4
  • I chose a major that would then direct my career options at the end of college
  • I moved away from college town to the Big City
  • I chose a church for the very first time all on my own
  • I decided to volunteer with student ministry at church
  • I started my first career job
  • I quit my first career job
  • I made a horrible decision about my second career job and subsequently quit it very quickly
  • I started my third and final career job
  • I met my husband
  • I bought my first car with no help from my parents
  • I married my husband
  • We decided to have kids
  • We bought a new house together

And those are just the big ones.

And really, I would say that each decision built off of the previous decision, so essentially if that 18 year old who moved away from her parents’ house had made some different decisions, she would probably not be 30-years old, married to a certain Mr. Mouse and mother to the best and naughtiest and cutest babies.

She wouldn’t be sitting on the sofa she decided to buy when she worked at her first career job…

…with a comforter that she slept under her first year of college…

…still not proofreading things she writes – why start now?

Who knew I was letting that 18-year old make such important decisions for me?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    First of all, ooooh queso! WANT!

    And you are right, my life ten years from now will probably be a lot more similar to my life now than my life ten years ago was. The 18-27 period is probably the most drastic.

  2. Kelly said,

    That IS a decade of major decision making. It really can form what can happen in your whole life.

    So incredibly hard to see that at 18.

  3. mar said,

    i just now saw this. thanks for the shout-out.
    it’s crazy to think that i’m a legal adult now.
    and that i am entering the “decade of decision” it’s a scary thing, yet kind of cool at the same time.
    thanks for being there to help me through the stuff.
    and have my fair share of lactose. 😉

  4. Dear Mouse,

    I do not like this non-posting business you have going on. Please post funny stuff for me again soon to keep my little head distracted. From now until May 17th could you please post some love for me?

    Thank you,

  5. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I miss you.

  6. Katy said,

    Okay – seriously – come back – would it help if i said please.


  7. I’m starting to think there will be a decade until you post again. 😉

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