July 11, 2011

sleeplessness and sisters

Posted in mousie at 9:48 am by Anonymouse

I was awake from 4-5:45 this morning and I’m not sure why.

I do know that I had all kinds of awesome ideas of blog topics while I was awake during that time.

But now I’ve forgotten them all.

I will tell you that the other day my sister and I sent 14 texts back and forth that started with:

Sister: Would you rather be a highly acclaimed circus performer or a ninja?

and ended with:

Me:  Until you get jealous of me for looking better in spandex & sequins than you and try to kill me…completely unaware of my secret ninja skills.

All I can say about that exchange is that there really is no relationship quite like the one between sisters.

Me and my sister circa 1983ish.

My favorite sister with my favorite set of sisters circa December 2010.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    You and your sister are cute. Of course, those other two sisters are cute too.

  2. Kelly said,

    There is nothing quite like a sister. I love my little sis so much. She’s my best friend. My girls although they are far apart in age, have a great sisterly bond. I love it.

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