July 12, 2011

playground lessons

Posted in mousie at 8:34 am by Anonymouse

Yesterday we had lunch at Chick-fil-A with some friends.

I’ll go ahead and gloss over the fact that I just mentioned Chick-fil-A for the 5,000th time on my blog.

So, during the play area portion of our visit I was annoyed that the place was crawling with children.

I know – a kid’s play area was full of kids and I was irritated about it – this should give you a good insight into my black heart.

Anyway, this one loud 7ish year-old girl, who I will refer to as The Ringleader, decided that a game of hide-and-seek should be played.

Baby Swiss didn’t have a clue what was going on, but is always one to want to play with big kids, so she stood in line (sort of) where The Ringleader ordered and by the second game, hid (sort of).

That was about the end of that.

Then The Ringleader, her brother – The Loud Fake Cryer, and her two other brothers (one of whom was The Poopy Diaper Kid) had to go home and the heavens opened and the angels sang.

Black. Heart.

So we go back to business as usual and tonight while we’re eating dinner Baby Swiss says to me, “Let’s play Hide-the-Mama” and starts counting.

Seriously isn’t it too early for picking things up on the playground?



  1. Kelly said,

    It’s never too early. Did the Mama hide? Mea loves hide and seek. The only problem is that she always wants to hide in the same places.

    I can’t stand play area’s when they are crowded. We went to one in the mall a while back, and there were so many kids that were clearly too old to be in there. I also don’t think they had any adult there supervising. They were running over little kids, climbing on all the things like maniacs, and just being a bit evil. There is a height and age limit for those things, but without supervision it turns to chaos.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    We left the play area at Chik-fil-A last time because big kids (who were too tall, by the official sign) were jumping over Elizabeth. Literally.

    I ate Chik-fil-A today for lunch and YUM.

  3. shoeaddict said,

    I LOVE CFA but never let Sugar play in the play area. She’s a “watcher” kind of kid anyway. But, I’m seriously worried about what you just wrote and the above comment. My bubble is on back order…..

  4. Rachel said,

    There are worse things to pick up at the playground. đŸ™‚

    Last time we were at the Chik-fil-a play area, this little two year old boy reached up and grabbed my two year old daughter’s face and squeezed it real hard and then scratched her face with both hands. Abby was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. The mother was inside and didn’t see it. The boy’s four year old brother told on the little one, though, and got him in trouble. I wanted to slip the big brother an extra ice cream cone.

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