July 18, 2011

my husband is thinking about how ridiculous i am right now

Posted in mousie at 8:53 am by Anonymouse

Because I am crazy, I’ve been thinking birthday party theme for about two months.

And with four months until (joint) birthday party time, I have two different ideas.

1. Garden Party/We’re Bloomin’/Flower Party/You Get the Idea

  •  Pipsqueak’s name is an actual flower
  • Baby Swiss’s name isn’t a flower (although two different people have said to me, “oh two flowers” when hearing my children’s names), but I sometimes call her Daffodil, which is an actual flower; and quite honestly I’m not so good at party themes that I would presume to have a perfect theme anyway.
  • This would lead us to purple and yellow color choices.
  • I would potentially serve food from flower pots, probably use flowers for a centerpiece, and maybe have gummy worms or something garden-y -ish as a favor.
  • If I did this one, I would potentially have them be their respective flower for halloween and then re-wear their costume for the party since it will just be a few weeks later.

2. Rainbow Party

  • Pipsqueak’s name is an actual color.
  • Baby Swiss’s name is not a color, but she will be 3 and doesn’t care.
  • This would lead us to ROY G BIV color choices.  Actually more like ROY G BP.
  • My friend sent me a link to this which has some cute ideas, but is probably a little more decorated than I would do.  I would probably get some ROY G P balloons, plates, napkins and do a variation on the crayon centerpiece.  Not sure if I would do all of the individual servings of food things.  It is very cute though.  I would totally serve skittles and maybe attempt to make the popcorn and probably make another rainbow cake (I made one for Baby Swiss’s first birthday – which had no theme).
  • I would probably even attempt to make rainbow tutus for my girls and maybe have them wear them for Halloween as part of a clown costume or something – just for the sake of making them a multi-purpose item.

Okay, and now you vote…not that I’ll necessarily settle on the idea that the majority chooses, but I’m still curious.  Before you vote, a few things you should know about me (if you don’t already):

  1. I am not crafty.
  2. I don’t do themes (usually).
  3. I am not crafty.
  4. Serving delicious food will always trump serving attractive food in my book.
  5. I’m not crafty.
  6. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on birthday parties for my kids.
  7. I’m not crafty.
  8. There will be more adults than kids at the party.
  9. I’m not crafty.


  1. Rachel said,

    I think they’re both great ideas. I would ask Baby Swiss and let her decide. 🙂

  2. Holly said,

    The rainbow sounds like more fun now. And I want to see you make tutus and be all crafty. : )

  3. Emily said,

    Rainbow parties are all the rage right now. I’m planning a rainbow/paint party for Audrey’s birthday this year. Here are a few more ideas: http://pinterest.com/ebshelton/rainbow-party-ideas/

  4. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I can’t choose! They are both way too cute! So much fun! AAAHHH! Do them both!

  5. Tiffany said,

    Flowers seem easier for a non crafty person. I went to a party last weekend where the host made these gigantic tissue paper flowers and hung them from the ceiling. They were really cool and she said easy. But you could always just buy lots of flowers. BTW glad you are back, I thought I had killed your blog because whenever I read blogs they seem to die (and yes I know how self centered that is)

  6. Kelly said,

    I think either would be cute. I would also let Baby Swiss help. She is going to be three after all. She might decide she likes flowers more then rainbows, or vice versa!

  7. Sarah Abrahams said,

    I vote for flowers because I would love to see the two respective flower costumes!

  8. addy1013 said,

    i love the gold coins for favors on the rainbow one. either would be way cute though.

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