July 27, 2011

your questions…part 3

Posted in mousie at 8:02 am by Anonymouse

Do you want to adopt again?  -Rachel

Also, similarly…

Are you thinking two kids (you know, the current ones that you have now) or more in the future?  -Jen

We think we are done.

We are not planning on pursuing another adoption and we are not planning on pursuing another pregnancy.

We would always consider an adoption situation that fell into our laps (a la Baby Swiss).  Although those are not super frequent, so we aren’t planning on it.

Foster care/adoption is something that we may or may not do, but it would likely be a lot of years down the road.  We haven’t processed through that idea yet by any stretch of the imagination.


Any desire to add a boy to your brood?  -Rachel

I think the above answer kind of covers this question.

Mr. Mouse has admitted that he secretly wished that  Pipsqueak would have surprised us and been a boy.  I don’t think he wants to trade her in though. 🙂

I personally love having girls and that each of my daughters has a sister is a really fun thing for me.

Also, I’m sure having sons is great, but I don’t think that my family is lacking because we don’t happen to have one.  (I don’t think this was implied in the question by Rachel, but I do think that sometimes people ask about “trying for a fill-in-the-absent-gender” as though the family is sub-standard as-is.

And this concludes the question and answer portion of our week.  (Because I think I answered all your questions…let me know if I missed something.)



  1. Kelly said,

    I would totally agree with the “trying for absent gender” portion. My husband and I initially said that we wanted a boy. We had four girls. Then we had a boy as a foster placement, and realized that we KNOW girls. We felt a little lost. When we got the call for Mea, we just kind of looked at each other and knew. We know how girls work, we know what they do, it was meant to be.

    We have also decided that either when Mea is quite a bit older, or grown, we’ll start fostering again.

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Well, we certainly asked a lot of similar questions there, didn’t we? 🙂

  3. addy1013 said,

    i like your answer to the trying for a boy. although ru is an absolute perfect peice in our family puzzle, i would not have been at all disappointed if she happened to be a boy, or if she hadn’t taken us by surprise by coming along. i always get a little uncomfortable with the “you must still want more since you only have one ‘kind'” presumption.

  4. Rachel said,

    Definitely wasn’t implying your family was lacking. We had a girl first, and my husband loved her to pieces. He seriously wanted a son, though. (Which we had…and then another…then another girl.) My parents had a boy, me, and then four more boys trying for another girl. Then they gave up. 🙂 lol Some people really want one or the other.

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