August 6, 2011


Posted in mousie at 8:50 pm by Anonymouse

Last night was the annual girls’ retreat.

Here is where I talked about it last year in case you forgot.

Which, for the record, I totally did.

I was reminded about my pew idea, so I went for it and slept on a pew instead of the floor.

For anyone out there wondering, it’s not really any more comfortable.

Also, if you’re wondering, I am indeed a year older than I was last year and I am feeling it today.

While the pew thing is fascinating, I’d like to talk about something else tonight.

I have a problem.


Wow, that was a big step.

So, in the last year I’ve had three late night sleep-over scenarios – a slumber party with girls from my small group, a women’s retreat at a hotel and this retreat last night.

At all of them, once they light were out, there was talking.

And chatting.

And talking.

And chatting.

I mean these were all three with people who I see ALL THE TIME.

So, it makes total sense that we would deprive ourselves of sleep so that we could talk halfway through the night, right?


Was it the junk food talking?

Speaking of junk food, I have two problems…

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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I think next year, you take a mattress with you.

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