September 17, 2011


Posted in mousie at 8:08 pm by Anonymouse

I have three people in my life – all from very different compartments – who are not getting pregnant easily.

I can relate on some levels and not on other levels – everyone’s story and feelings are different after all.

But, being ready to be a mom and having to wait?


Having third, fourth, fifth, etc. people involved in your family planning that you had always assumed would just be you & your husband?



A few weeks ago, I decided to start praying more specifically than I had been, so I chose a date that I would pray that they would all be pregnant by.  (shout out to the preposition)

I have also starting praying for twins for one of them.

Go big or go home.

I know that sometimes we’re short-sighted in our prayers.

God’s best for my family was certainly better than my short-sighted plan.

So, my big prayers may get a big fat “No” answer.  They may get a more vague, “Not yet” answer.

Who knows what the answer will be, but it might just be “Yes”.



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I used to pray for my friend every time I got up in the middle of the night to nurse. Now that I don’t do that anymore, I probably ought to find a better time.

  2. addy1013 said,

    maybe tmi, but i used to pray for you every time i(ahem) peed. (i just put that on the internet). mainly because i knew baby t was making me go so much, and i knew how much you wanted to be anticipating what we were. have i never told you that? i think this is really cool (the you praying thing). keep us posted on the answer. and please don’t ever pray for multiples for me. thanks 🙂

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