September 20, 2011

some of my best work

Posted in mousie at 10:35 pm by Anonymouse

Today I’m wishing I hadn’t recommitted to daily blogging.

Or maybe I’m wishing I’d blogged earlier in the day.

But that would have cut into my candy eating and I think it’s important for my blog to know where it ranks, and it ranks somewhere below candy eating.

Let’s see, to recap the day:

  • bought some food coloring
  • made some mac & cheese
  • cleaned up spilled milk
  • had a smoke detector debacle (times 2)
  • made supper
  • went to a baby shower
  • talked on the phone

And of course I ate some candy.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I could go for some candy right now. Probably not a good idea before I have breakfast.

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