September 23, 2011

good times

Posted in mousie at 7:59 pm by Anonymouse

I ran into a co-worker from 8 years ago today.

(Side note: When did I become old enough to have co-workers from 8 years ago? Aren’t I still 22?)

It would seem he did not get the memo that when running into co-workers from 8 years ago, you are to quickly look a different direction and simultaneously pretend to not recognize them.

He did not look in a different direction and he did not pretend to not recognize me.

So, I pretended that he jogged my memory, when I knew the instant I quickly looked in a different direction exactly who he was.

We had a few minutes of awkward conversation that took me right back to 8 years ago when he followed me around a four-story department store like an awkward puppy dog that had been kicked by its owner.

Then, I excused myself to do my shopping and when I came to the front of the store to pay, HE. WAS. STILL. THERE.

More awkward conversation while I silently vowed to never shop at this store (not the one we used to work at together) again.

The End.


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  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    This is why you need to move more often.

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