September 27, 2011

someone went to jupiter to get more stupider

Posted in mousie at 8:54 pm by Anonymouse

Mr. Mouse just asked me how I would feel about him being gone one week a month.

Plus every Tuesday night.

Plus every Thursday night.

When you add to that the fact that we have life group on Sunday nights.

And friends over on Mondays nights (holla, friends, we heart you).

And I’m gone on Thursday nights.

Well, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about him being gone extra.

Except that wasn’t really what he asked me.

That was just what I heard.

It’s kind of like when he opens the refrigerator and declares there to be no apple.

Even though there is an apple.

It’s right there on the top shelf.

Hidden in plain view behind the strawberry jam.

There may or may not be a difference between men and women.



  1. sandra dee said,

    holla! I think you need a couple more days in the week! 🙂

  2. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Matt always opens the refrigerator to declare not only that there is no apple, but that we have no food. None.

  3. Kelly said,

    My husband always “tells” me things when I am doing something, and then when I don’t remember, he gets frustrated, and tells me that he already told me.

    He also always claims we have no food. Gah.

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