September 29, 2011


Posted in mousie at 2:36 pm by Anonymouse

I have something really important to say today, but it is stuck in my head.

All that I can hear in my head is pounding and big booms.

We are on day 3 of getting a new roof.

(Shout out to the major storms last spring and our insurance company – holla!)

Happily, no one in my family seems to be bothered by the 12-hours-a-day noise.

Except for (not so happily) me.

Every other big boom, I’m 100% sure that a very friendly hispanic man has just fallen off my house.

That would be no bueno.

So far so good, though.

However, my patience is thin and my nerves are frayed.

I’ve really got some real problems, don’t I?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Oh my goodness, that would be making me crazy. I do not like noise. At all.

  2. sandra dee said,

    Free house to chill in if needed! 🙂

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