September 30, 2011

grown up

Posted in mousie at 8:28 pm by Anonymouse

*disclaimer – I may have written about this before, I’m too old to remember

This week we got a new roof (which I may or may not have complained about yesterday) and we refinanced our house.

I also made the statement that I’d been attending my current church for 8 years.

Things like that make me feel like I’m almost 31 years old.

Crazy thing is, I’m almost 31 years old.

How is that possible?

I could swear that just last week I was 23.


I mean wasn’t it yesterday that I was talking to one college girlfriend or another on my landline after working all day at my first big-girl job?

Didn’t I just switch the tags on my car to the state I currently reside in?

But then whose house am I living in now?

Who are those children who call me, Mama?

What the heck is a minivan doing parked in my garage?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my life. Adore it.

But when did my someday become my today?



  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    Yeah, I’ve been married for eight years. And I’ve been with Matt for fourteen. THAT makes me feel old.

  2. Kelly said,

    Just sneaks up on you doesn’t it…just wait until you have a kid in college, and then you’ll really feel it.

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