October 2, 2011


Posted in mousie at 8:39 pm by Anonymouse

When I started blogging, I blogged anonymously.

Before too long, I came out of the shadows a little bit by posting a picture of myself.

After awhile, one or two real-life friends were reading.

Then, I emailed a few internet friends from my real life email that includes my real life name.

Believe it or not, my birth certificate does not say Anonymouse.

Then,  I became facebook friends with some of my internet friends.

Then one of my real life friends outed me a little bit.

So, it’s pretty clear that my blog is not anonymous anymore.

In fact, I would guess that nearly 100% of the people who visit regularly know my real name and that about 75% of you know my address.

(Should out to people who send me things!)

It’s still kind of a secret though.

I don’t talk about it much even with people who I’m fairly confident read it.

I don’t link to it on facebook or promote it on twitter.

Most of the people in my life do not know that I blog.

Even though I’ve been doing it off and on for more than four years.

So there’s all of that.

And then there’s the sermon at church today.

It was about honesty.

Something that was said was that you should always put your name on what you have to say.

And I totally believe that.

I don’t believe in anonymous opinions or letters.

If you can’t own what you have to say, you shouldn’t be saying it.

So, do I need to be more forthcoming with who I am on the blog?

I do think I used it a little bit in the beginning as a mask to hide behind, but not for awhile and not anymore and certainly not when there are a handful of real-life people I know who read.

I couldn’t hide behind it if I wanted to.

Do I need to be more forthcoming about the blog with people in real life?

I feel a little silly about it to be honest.

Why would anyone care to come here and read about my happily mundane life?

No offense to the five or six of you who seem to like to do so. In fact, hugs & kisses all around.

So I’m not anonymous, but I am Anonymouse.

Is that a bad thing?



  1. sandra dee said,

    I don’t think you are being anonymous to hurt or lie to anyone….we all love you and love your happily mundane life! 🙂

    P.S. I may or may not have a secret blog also….

    And, Sandra Dee is not my real name….

    Maybe I should stop the blog and start writing in a journal again!

  2. darci said,

    No…that part of the sermon was for a specific person or group of people. I’m pretty sure it isn’t even really Biblical.

  3. HereWeGoAJen said,

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I don’t at all write an anonymous blog, but it is a secret blog. I don’t talk about it or link to it and I am actually pretty careful to keep it apart from my 3D people. But I was outed recently and I am trying to decide how much to “promote” it. I think after I get used to the idea, I might start linking to it on Facebook, to kind of “own” it.

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