October 3, 2011

miscellaneous monday

Posted in mousie at 9:46 pm by Anonymouse

  • I’m so full from dinner out with the girls (as in girlfriends, not my children) that I cannot even put together a coherent post, so bullet points it is!
  • My hair dryer pooped out this morning. Like it was smoking and smelling dangerous. So I had to take Baby Swiss to ballet with damp hair. However, I bought a new hair dryer this afternoon and it is pink! And the cord winds up at the push of a button! It’s really the little things in life, isn’t it?
  • My skin is out of control right now. I feel like a teenager. I’m blaming it on the changing of the seasons. Did I make that up or is that really a possibility?
  • We’re doing a little hair bow boot camp at our house with a certain baby who would rather eat hair bows than work them. I’m getting her used to just a pony tail and then when we’ve maintained a few consecutive days of success with that, I’ll go all covert and add in the bows (which are actually usually clips and not actual bows, thanks for asking). I’m actually expecting great things, because I’m a genius and stuff.
  • I’m putting together a life skills workshop because I’m so smart about everything. If you’d like to come, you might think you’d be eligible for a discount or something. You’d be wrong, but I may reserve you a front row seat.


  1. HereWeGoAJen said,

    My mom’s mixer caught on fire at least three times and still worked. How bad was this hair dryer, really?

  2. darci said,

    Sign me up!

  3. Kelly said,

    I have had the sparking, smoking hair dryer action a few times now. I am really hard on hair dryers.

    I had a bow meltdown a few weeks ago, I had no red bows. None. How can this even happen?

  4. sandra dee said,

    Yes!! I’m totally in for the class! Can I sit on the front row by Darci?

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